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GameBoy Card Codes

GameBoy Color Dark Duel Stories (800 Card Codes.)

Duel Monsters PC Codes

Sample Card Codes

Game Refrence Codes

((Code Section is unlocked on level 4.))
Download EDO's Card Codes Updated 7/15 by Mrmotifimo (922 Codes) NEW!
Character of the Month
Controlled Jounouchi (1 DECK)
Appearance - Secret Stage
Defeat all duelists Stages (1-5) 30 times each.

Jar of Greed
Change of Heart
Raise Dead
Black Hole
Thunder Bolt
Angel's Gift
Diamond Mine
Holy Barrier -- Mirror Force
Magic Cylinder
Death Meteor
Hellblaze x2
Panther Warrior
Soul Filter
Midnight Inferno x2
Calling Reinforcements
Black Forest Witch
Code: EDO_Q941 ------ Refrence: NONE
"I've been waiting...for you! Destroy, burn, kill!"

Sealing Swords of Light
Harpy's Feather Sweep
Magic Jammer
Gilford the Lightning
Pit Trap
Goblin Strike Team x2
Initiate Troops
Wyvern Warrior
Angel's Die
Demon's Die
Midnight Inferno
Saint Magician x2
Destruction Ring
Pyrotechnic Burst
Heart Doll
Cyber Pod
Dark World Warrior Dark Sword
Iron Cage of Nightmares

Refrence codes are given to you after you've beaten a player 10 times.
Passwords are unlocked at level 4.

Secret Stage Characters are aquired in various ways.
Umi Bakura appears by typing in EDO_G7N8 in the password section.
Shizuka will appear in secret stage. After you beat Jounouchi 16 times.
Edo appears in the secret stage if you beat him in a side duel. Or code EDO_U5A6
Isis appears in the secret stage if you beat her in a side duel.
Rishid appears by beating each of the 4 rare hunters 20 times each.
Malik / Marik appears by beating Rishid 20 times.
Possesed Joey appears after you've beaten every one in the five stages 30 times each.
Anzu appears after you've bought 100 cards by entering their codes in the password section.

You receive special cards after wining against 15 duels against certain characters.
Yugi will give you Osiris / Slifer
Kaiba will give you Obelisk
Malik / Marik will give you Ra
Beat Lord Aridisu in the Final Stage wins the game and gets you Freed Exodia.

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