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-- Yugioh! Power of Chaos Review--

Due to Major site updates I have had to switch servers. Main site


NEW [9/08]
-- It seems there was an error in the 09/05 version from Edo concerning Sacrificing Monsters so you might want to get his emergency update.

-- The 7th English Yugioh installment to the TGC Magicians Force! Is due to be out soon. Read about it in the News section.
-- Here's an article about 3 Cards From the new set.
-- Edo has posted an update to his game goto his site and get version 9/05 you'll also want to get the updated pic file posted there as well (
-- The zip posted on my downloads page has also been updated to ver. 9/05
-- Updated the Codes 39 cards have been added to the game. 24 have codes.
-- Which Yu-Gi-Oh character are you most like?
  brought to you by Quizilla
Malik image
[8/29 - 9/03]
-- My ISP issues have been resolved. But you can set your browsers to as this link will redirect you to any changes in provided service. (Mirror site located on Tripod I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks anyway. When I return I will have many updates for the site. As for EDO his next update should be sometime in September and I am looking forward to it.
-- Power of Chaos Review
-- Added download for fake card maker. All the basic images needed to create your own card. Found on Downloads Page.
- Get Shonen's Demo. Yugioh! Power of Chaos on Kazaa. Yugioh_POC_Trial.exe, keywords Shonen, Yugioh!, POC, try one or all. Also Mirc: - Port 7000 - #YuGiOh! (I don't know of any other sources!) -- Trainer update, Changed Free boosters to Free shops, Free Cards in password section, Insta wins, Infinite Summons & 1 sacrifice Lvl. 7 + monsters.
-- Card pics updated from Dark Duel Stories and DM8. All on Downloads Page.
-- Updated card images on Downloads page. (Changed 10 of Edo's pictures for real cards).
[8/9] -- Yugioh! Power of Chaos PC Screen Shots Now on Game  Pics site.
-- Game Review posted at
[8/5] -- New Kaiba Image for Yugioh PC game.
-- New Main Map Image for Yugioh PC game.
-- YVD Sets Tons of card sets from website.
-- UPDATE Yugioh PC added to Download Page. Minor bug fixes. Visit EDO's Site for more info.
-- English Card Database added. Translating names for Japanese Cards Used in Yugioh PC. Completed.
-- Shonen Jump has released it's Demo of Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh! PC Power of Chaos. Retail $4.95 US.
-- Yugioh PC game trainer added to downloads brought to you by Mrmotifimo.
[8/1] -- Character section complete upto Final Stage.
-- New affiliate Shadow Rulers! check out their Roms, YVD skins, Database and Rules sections.
[7/26] -- Saved game FILE, 918 wins - 7 of 8 people in secret stage
almost 1 of every card, to make your own deck. Level 9.
-- Updated Help section.
[7/23] -- Yugioh Zone has a fun Card Marker
-- Download Yugioh Online Battle sponsored by Yugioh Guide.
-- Dragon Studios Apprentice Downloads Link (supports Magic, Pokemon, Yugioh)
-- New Image Page Over 80 Quality Pics
[7/21] -- Site has a new layout. Character section on hold. Make requests for more info...
- Scans page updated - Now a Card feature page.
[7/17] -- Links for Dungeon Dice Monsters Online, Yugioh Virtual Desktop v.0.7.5 (
-- Character section, Stage 3 completed.
[7/15] - Game Codes Updated, errors fixed, new format by Mrmotifimo......(note it is for v.7/5)
-- Character section, Stage 1 Completed, View References, Decks, Trades...
-- GBA section still in the begining phase, more to come soon!!! - Added DDS Codes!
-- Alternate Character Pics. Now on Downloads Page.
[7/11] - Game Codes List updated for v.7/5 (922 Codes.)
-- Added EDO's Character Pics on Downloads Page.
[6/21] - Site posted....


I have complete downloads in three parts.
  1. Basic game
  2. Card Pictures
  3. Optional Character Pictures
You can also try.
EDO'S Site ===
Deathstroke50's Web site.
OR try Kazaa (search Yu-Gi-Oh! size => 37,242Kb this is v.6/1/02 or above.)


  • If you are having problems starting the game due to not having a certain .OCX file, or VBRUN50.DLL Please read through the README.TXT FILE. Included in the game download. You can also read the HISTORY.TXT file for known issues and new changes. Both files can be found in the MAIN folder of the game.

  • Windows Users with runtime errors can goto my Help page.

  • After you've done this go ahead and send me an E-mail. Yu-Gi-Oh Help.


EDO's Yugioh Page.
-- Japanese Card Translations, Animated series, Manga Translations, Rulings, Deck Guides, Yugioh Duel Monsters PC Game and More!!!!

Shadow Rulers
-- ROM's, MP3's, Card Database, YVD, Message Board, Chat Room and More!!!!

Duelist Land
-- Full Episodes (30MB each), MP3's, Card Database, YVD, Card of the Day, Deck Garage and More!!!!

Dragon Studios
-- Apprentice Downloads Link (supports Magic, Pokemon, Yugioh)
-- Creators of Dungeon Dice Monsters Online, & Yugioh Virtual Desktop v.0.7.5 download Card sets, Images, and Backgrounds.

-- Server: - Port: 7000 - Channel: #YuGiOh!
Full episodes from the beginning Subbed / Dubbed / English. High Quality.


Shadow Rulers Seto Realm

Mirror Site Located On Tripod

Disclaimer: Edo's Unofficial Duel Monsters PC Game. Is a freeware program, uploaded to this site as part of permissions granted on Edo's Yugiohpc webpage. Most info on card translations came from Edo's website. And are listed here by limited permissions granted on translations pages. Yu-gi-Oh may be a copyright and trademark of any of the following companies; Kazuki Takahashi, 4 Kids Ent., Konami, and or Upperdeck. Any images or likeness thereof remain the sole property of said trademark and/or copyright owners. Site propietors or operators make no claims to ownership of any content within this site or any links therein.
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