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EDO Yu-Gi-Oh! DM ver. 6/25 lists
Card pics [889 of 945]

Missing Regulation Cards
Note: These Card Pics are not in the game yet. (Unless noted / Save As.)
(Default location is: \Card_pic folder.)

Disclaimer: Card Info obtained from Ed Hrzic's original translations

==========| Japanese Yugioh Collector Tin |==========

Tarlwarl Demon BPT-J01 Promo (Save As Taldem.jpg)
AKA-Beast of Talwar
Type: Normal Monster
Ultra Rare Foil Card

==========| CURSE OF ANUBIS |==========

Hand Sealing Sword of Light CA-05
Type: Trap
Effect: Choose a card at random from your opponent's hand and place it off the Field. Your opponent cannot use that card for 3 of his or her turns. On the 4th Standby Phase, your opponent returns that card to his or her hand.
Super Rare

==========| CONTROLLER OF CHAOS |==========

Lord Poison 306-028
If this card is destroyed as a result of Battle and goes to the Cemetery, Special Summon 1 Plant Sub-Type Monster from your Cemetery, other than a [Lord Poison].

==========| PHARAOH'S SERVANT |==========

Giant Virus PS-34
Type: Effect Monster
Effect: If this card is put into your Cemetery from the Field during battle, do 500 damage to your opponent. Then, you may summon as many cards of the same name from your deck to the Field as you wish to in attack mode. Shuffle your deck afterward.

==========| DUEL MONSTERS VOLUME 5 |==========

Eye King Of the Depths
AKA-Big Eye
Type: Effect Monster
Effect: Reverse: Look at the top 5 cards of your deck and rearrange them in any order that you choose.

Ice Fish
Type: Normal Monster

==========| BOOSTER CHRONICLE |==========

Fish Warrior BC-10
Type: Normal Monster

Giant Flea BC-02
Type: Normal Monster

==========| KATSUYA JOUNOUCHI |==========

Rocket Warrior JY-13 (Save As Rsold.jpg)
Might be missnamed rocwar.jpg / rocwar_s.jpg
Type: Effect Monster
Effect: This effect is used during your Battle Phase. The Battle Damage done to this monster is reduced to 0. Reduce the attack strength of a monster that this one attacks by 500 until the end of the turn.

==========| POWER OF THE GUARDIANS |==========

Twilight Zone Dragon 304-015
This card cannot be destroyed Magic or Trap effects that don't target, and cannot be destroyed during Battle with a Monster that has an attack strength of 1900 or less.
Normal Rare

Ark of Miracles 304-029
Ritual Magic
Needed to summon a [Ruler Of Heaven Shinato]. You must sacrifice 8 levels or more worth of Monsters from the Field and/or your hand.

==========| MYTHOLOGICAL AGE |==========

Elemental Spring MA-28
Type: Permanent Magic Card Whenever a Monster on the Field is returned to a player's hand, you gain 500 Life Points.

Spirit Fixation Equipment MA-34
Type: Permanent Magic Card
While this card is on the Field, Spirit Monsters remain on the Field. During your End Phase, discard 1 card from your hand or destroy this card.

Grasp of the Spirits MA-47
Type: Permanent Trap
When a Spirit Monster of yours is returned to your hand, your opponent chooses 1 of his or her Monsters on the Field and returns it to his or her hand. Pay 500 Life Points during your Standby Phase or destroy this card.

==========| STRUGGLE OF CHAOS |==========

Calling Reinforcements SC-28
Type: Normal Magic
Put 1 Warrior Sub-Type Monster with Level 4 or less from your deck into your hand. Shuffle your deck.

Drag to Death
Freed Exodia 12 5000 5000
LockMace 4 1050 1200 Dark/Demon
Metal Devil Token 1 0 0
Razor Angel 4 1700 1400
The Unholly Rabbit 1 0 0
Wood Joker 3 800 1200
[Found] Ruler of Heaven Shinato 8 3300 3000
[Found] Susanoo 4 2000 1600
[Found] Inabanoshirousagi 3 700 500 Mythological Age Deck
[Found] Wave Motion Cannon
[Found] Terraforming
[Found] Stone Warrior 4 1300 1200

Files Renamed in game before ver. 6/25
Not found in ver. 6/25

Example: Mimic Illusionist [right click image files rename from - to]
[Mimill.jpg - Refill.jpg (Large Image) / Mimill_s.jpg - Refill_s.jpg (Small Image)]

Time Magician - Timmag.JPG rename to TM.jpg
Slime Reactor - Slirea.jpg rename to Slimm.jpg
Axe Raider - Axerai.jpg rename to Axer.jpg
Tiger Axe - Tigaxe.jpg rename to TAXE.JPG
Millenium Shield - Milshi.jpg rename to MILLSH.JPG
Panther Warrior - Panwar.jpg rename to PANTW.JPG
Toon Mermaid - Tmerm.jpg rename to TOOMER.JPG
Shift Change - Shicha.jpg rename to SHIFT.JPG
Rocket Warrior - Rocwar.jpg rename to RSOLD.JPG
Dragon-Riding Wyvern - Drarid.jpg rename to DRIDE.JPG
Mimic Illusionist - Mimill rename to REFILL.JPG

Missing Original EDO Cards

Coins From Heaven Based on the comic card
Godess Of Beauty - Venus 8 2700 2200 EDO
Light Of Venus EDO
Mobil Armor X 4 15 1200
Mobil Armor W 4 1700 1500
Mobil Armor A-
Mobil Armor C-
Mobil Armor F-
Mobil Armor G EDO
Sealing Spears of Light EDO
Royal Armor EDO
Blood Exchange EDO
Dark Edge Priestess 4 1400 1350 EDO
Mind Sapping Spectre 8 2500 2400 EDO
Raptured Elegance EDO
The End EDO
Laptop EDO
Enemy Bust EDO
Juragedo 4 1700 1300 Based on the comic card
Napalm Storm EDO
One third of the gate guardian EDO
This is just unfair EDO
Dragon-Reviving Lute EDO
Mistress of Dragons - Dragon Priestess EDO
Angelic Roller Blader EDO
Garden of Black Roses EDO
Regenerative Aura EDO
Mad Child 4 1200 1000 EDO
Globe Of Daylight EDO
World SLayer 4 3000 2500 EDO
Nalla The Imprisioned 6 1700 2800 EDO
Mother Of Vampires - Vlana 7 2400 1200 EDO
Evilwing Knightess 7 0 0 EDO
Magical Sarah 4 1600 1200 EDO

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