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CONTENTS:      1) About      2) System Requirements




  • Edo's Yu-Gi-Oh! PC game is a Duel Monsters card game, written in Visual Basic for the Windows 95 or higher operating system. The game will seek to emulate the actual card game more faithfully than the Gameboy Color versions of the game. In it, the player will be able to meet the characters made famous in the comic, and duel them for cards. There will also be several original characters and cards created specifically for this game. (Duel against 35 opponents in 5 stages, plus a Side stage and a secret stage.) The Gameboy Advance games (Duel Monsters 5 and 6) will give you a more "faithful" adaption of the DM game, but this game is far faster.
  • Is the game 100% complete? No. There is some art and card effects that are currently missing. Otherwise, it is 95% playable. About 84 cards are still without effects. Approximately 23 cards are without Cheat codes. Currently the game has 889 out of 954 card images.      (Mostly the missing pics are EDO's original cards. 13 Regulation cards, 39 Original cards, 3 Unkown Origin cards, and 1 Token card.)
  • It is only a one-player game. Yes, that stinks, as you won't be able to play people across the Internet. This position was adopted because if this game was for more than one player, people would get this version instead of an official game. That would lead to this program being shut down. You don't want that to happen, now do you?
  • Not only is it a game but it's also useful as a database of translated Japanese cards. EDO is quite a talented translator and you'll find his work all over the internet. Most people have given him credit for his work in translating over 1000 cards. (You can find these files at his main website.) However many have not given him his dues, you can notice slight variances in his translations in cards like; Talwarl Demon, and Ice Fish. Others call these cards the Beast of Talwarl and Ice Kappa. Little variants like this make his work noticeable.


You should have atleast.
  • P233 MHz
  • 96Mb Ram
  • 40Mb Hard drive space.
  • Windows Operating System
  • Visual Basic 5 Runtime Files